Inheritance Tax Planning

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Dealing with Inheritance Tax

The first thing you need to do before you start is work out how much the liability is. You can do this by using our free calculator. Our inheritance tax calculator will give you an indication or starting point for your tax liability and from there you can start making arrangements to mitigate it.

The most important thing you will need to do and the one thing that many people fail to do is MAKE A WILL. If you don't make a will no one will know where exactly you want your estate to go. At this point the government will step in and make that decision for you and trust us there thoughts on the matter will not match yours so do a will now.

There are many ways in which you can reduce your inheritance tax liability and a lot of those ways are already detailed within this site.

Essentially reducing your inheritance tax liability can be done for free in most cases and it just entails careful preemptive planning and following the good sound tried and tested advice which you can find within this site.

Make sure that your estate is treated in the right way. Ensure that you qualify for all the exemptions available to you. Make gifts as and when you can and if necessary ensure the appropriate trusts are set up to deal with bequests you need to make to specific beneficiaries.

Once you have followed the advice within this site and you find that there is still a liability get in touch with us for a no obligation chat about what further actions you can take to deal with the tax situation.

Whilst some of the things we may tell you to do may cost money the advice we give you will be free so it is always worth having a discussion to get you on your way to dealing with the situation.

IHT Calculator

Use our FREE tool to estimate the inheritance tax liability be due on your estate.

Glossary of Terms

Baffled by all the jargon? Then why not use our glossary to make things easier!


This section covers the various gifts available to you to utilise the tax free benefits open to you.


Here you will find all the exemptions which may enable you to pass on parts of your estate free of any inheritance tax.

The 7 Year Rule

Gift any part of your estate outside those allowable will create a potentially exempt transfer find out how you stand under the tax laws.

IHT relief's

There are certain relief's that like the exemptions allow for transfer to people without tax this section covers those.