Inheritance Tax Planning

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Inheritance Tax Calculator

Please note that this calculator is designed to purely be a guide and in no way guarantees any inheritance tax payment will or will not be due.

In addition when you state you qualify for spouses allowance it also assumes that none of the allowance has been used in the past. If some or all of this allowance has been used then the tax can and will be higher than indicated.

For more information on spouses allowance please visit the page Spouses threshold transfer

Main residence £
Other property £
Furniture / Personal belongings £
Cars and any other assets £
Life insurance under trust £
Life insurance NOT under trust £
Savings & Investments £
Mortgage £
Other mortgages £
Other liabilities £
I qualify for my spouses allowance
Total gross estate £
Total gross liabilities £
Total net estate £
Potential tax on net estate £

If this calculator does indicate an inheritance tax liability you might want to get in touch with us for a no obligation chat were we might be able to give you some effective advice at mitigating your liability.

IHT Calculator

Use our FREE tool to estimate the inheritance tax liability be due on your estate.

Glossary of Terms

Baffled by all the jargon? Then why not use our glossary to make things easier!


This section covers the various gifts available to you to utilise the tax free benefits open to you.


Here you will find all the exemptions which may enable you to pass on parts of your estate free of any inheritance tax.

The 7 Year Rule

Gift any part of your estate outside those allowable will create a potentially exempt transfer find out how you stand under the tax laws.

IHT relief's

There are certain relief's that like the exemptions allow for transfer to people without tax this section covers those.